You’ll Be Amazed By Querra’s Pokemon Zombie Make Up!

People usually associate Pokemon with cuteness but make up enthusiast, Querra Mellca, decided to go against the norm and come up with a zombie version instead. These make ups are so peculiar that it tempts you to try it out on your own and who knows? Maybe that will be the look you will be wearing for the upcoming Halloween night!

Querra got the inspiration to do the pokézombaes look when she, together with her friends, predicted that people would become like zombies when Pokemon Go is released. Indeed, people were roaming around aimlessly with their eyes glued to their phones as they walked, some even stumbling or bumping into others. The crowd of pokezombies was insane. Then it hit Querra that since her friends came up with the Pokemon zombie apocalypse, why not make a make up video about Pokezombaes? She decided to stick with the starters, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.

Querra collaborated with Mad Kings Production for the Pokezombae video, which is made up of two charismatic guys (@mrhellofai and @shaunybravo) who creates wacky and funny Singapore related content in their YouTube. Not only did they contribute to the idea of Pokezombae, they also recorded the entire video! The amount of pride and effort they put into their work is indeed commendable.

It all started out with an interest in painting. After finding a relation with make up and face paint, Querra soon started creating videos that shows her transforming herself into someone who is completely unrecognizable. She would transform herself into Dory, Batman and Superman, and even pay tribute to countries through make up.

Querra had an interest in drawing and painting since young and would unleash her creativity by painting on a canvas. Now that her face is her canvas, she is able to showcase her outstanding talent through make up and face paint. As for makeup, it was something Querra picked up through trial and error and by watching tutorials on YouTube. As her passion heightened, she figured that she wanted to be a certified make up artist.

Querra likes to follow trends and come up with a make up look, but sometimes it may be as random as something that she came across online. She takes the most pride in her Batman vs Superman make up look as it was very challenging and time-consuming.

Of course, there’s a more tamed side of Querra. Here are the more everyday make up look that you can pull off as well!

Querra plans to have a studio and a professional team and to produce contents as well as to provide a platform for aspiring and budding content creators to pursue their passion and facilitate them with the necessary tools and exposure.

So what make up look should Querra do next?

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