Unleash Your Inner Hulk At Singapore’s First Rage Room

What made you angry today?

I know, I know. The ba chor mee auntie misheard your order of mee kia as mee pok, the Uber driver missed a turn and made you late, your director is on his latest piss pill and you’re the unwitting victim of his new tantrums.

Ordinarily, I’d tell you to take all that rage, imagine it as a pencil, and let it go (inspired by Penny’s advice for Sheldon in Big Bang Theory) but not today. No, today I am dishing new advice. Today, I want you to take all that rage, scoot to Balestier, find The Fragment Room and shred their crates to bits.

Wait, what?

Yes, The Fragment Room. How poetic is that?!

Basically, the Fragment Room is a rage room where you are encouraged to let down your walls and release your inner frustrations. It is a safe space for you to get rid of all your inner frustration.

Treat yourself to this strangely exciting anger therapy in the market. Smash plates, glasses, vases, electronic appliances and more. Fret not, all of these broken pieces will be recycled accordingly.

How it works:

Step 1: Come as you are; dress in comfortable clothes that you do not mind getting dirty. Decide on a package of crates – Single for 1, Doubles for 2 and Annihilation for when you want the world to burn.

Step 02: Collect your gear; suit up in the protective jumpsuit and get ready to tear the house down.

Step 03: Here I’ll save you the reading and list the necessary adjectives: HULK SMASH! HULK BREAK! HULK SHRED! HULK SCREAM! HULK DESTROY! HULK ANNIHILATE! (not necessarily in that order)

Step 04: Leave with your face basking in the sun ray’s soft glow – there is no more rage left in the world and everything is beautiful. Life is beautiful again.

Until the next Whatsapp message from your director nagging about next month’s figures of course. Then naturally, you rinse and repeat.

Intrigued yet?

Oh we sure are.

The Fragment Room
Opening hours: Mon-Sun, 1pm to 10pm
Address: The Fragment Room, 3 Balestier Road, Singapore 329671

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