Siow Jia Min: From Girl-Next-Door to Cover Girl Search Winner

You wouldn’t expect someone like 18-year-old Jia Min to win f.Club’s monthly mini-ambassador search, The Cover Girl Search. She has the cute and innocent, girl-next-door look instead of the sexy and gorgeous looks like that of the previous winners. However, once you get to know Jia Min’s fun-loving and cheerful attitude, you can see why the judges and audience crowned her as March’s Cover Girl Search winner.

SgInstaBabes: Congratulations Jia Min! How was the Cover Girl experience and how do you feel when you were announced as the winner?

Jia Min: It was simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The girls I’ve met and bonded with, I couldn’t ask for more. I’m not exactly a party person but after hanging out with them, I’m getting more into it! Honestly speaking, I’m still in shock and yet really honoured to have gotten the title!

SgInstaBabes: Anyone you would like to shout out to regarding The Cover Girl Search?

Jia Min: A HUGE thank you to all those who believed that I could and also those who came down to support me especially friends who are clubbing virgins. I really appreciate it a lot!

SgInstaBabes: Let’s get to know you better. What would you if you’re the Prime Minister of Singapore?

Jia Min: If it was me in the past, it’s definitely close down schools. Haha. Now, I think I would remove CPF. Everyone should have a responsibility to learn how to save their money for the future and not rely on CPF.

SgInstaBabes: How about if you had a million dollars?

Jia Min:  OH MY GOSH!! I’m going to bring the love of my life out to travel the world! And of course, bring my family to travel as well! After travelling, I’m gonna go back to reality and save the money for future use.

Flying hair yet still silky with @sunsilksg #sunsilkcrazysnaps @euniceannabel

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SgInstaBabes: I bet you’re good at this. Tell us a joke.

Jia Min: I think I do have a joke about unemployed people… But after thinking about it, I don’t think they work!

SgInstaBabes: Hahaha. That’s so lame. What’s the weirdest thing about you?

Jia Min: Nothing is weird, although I’m always the weird one.

SgInstaBabes: What’s the most impressive thing a guy has ever done for you?

Jia Min: While I was on a trip to Bangkok last October, my boyfriend texted me that he is going to play basketball. He was supposedly in Singapore. Yet, when I went back to the hotel after shopping, he jumped out of the toilet to surprise me! It was the best surprise of my life!

SgInstaBabes: Last but not least, what advice do you have for future contestants of the Cover Girl Search?

Jia Min: The most important part of the Cover Girl Search is the journey and the experience. And while you are on stage, don’t be afraid to strut your stuff as it’s your 15 seconds of fame! Don’t be so caught up with winning. Whether you win or not, it’ll be a really fun experience! Make friends, party hard and have a great time!

April’s Cover Girl Search registration is now open until 19th April 2016 for all ladies above 18. The finals will be held on 30th April at f.Club. Contestants stand to win bottles of alcohol, hotel stay, facial treatments, food vouchers and publicity worth $5000. Click here to sign up.

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