Students In The West, We Found The Perfect Study Cafe For You!

Move over Starbucks, we have a better place for study sessions now!

Exam period is upon us and everyone is frantically searching for cafes to study at. We’re picky – we want wi-fi, charging points, printer spots and most importantly – a location near school so in the event of misplaced information, we can bolt back and beg lecturers for help.

But besides crashing NUS’ perpetually populated U-town or camping out at Jurong’s many Starbucks, there’s nowhere in the west that’s great for a productive study session. You tire of the same old frappes and stale pastries but you can’t leave your seat to go have a good meal or you might lose your spot.

Thankfully for us westies, Coffee:Nowhere comes bearing gifts!

Here are five reasons why Coffee:Nowhere should be your next study date spot:

#1 Free Wi-Fi!

study cafe singapore

That’s right, Coffee:Nowhere offers free wi-fi throughout their outlets!

Now, this is strictly to encourage productive researching, not non-stop Instagramming! Coffee:Nowhere’s wi-fi extends from the entrance to the outdoor area so you’ll never fear losing connection no matter where you’re seated. This means plenty of internet ammunition to Google answers to hopeless questions or answer work emails.

Speaking of work, did you know Coffee:Nowhere has a unique workspace as well?

#2 Coffice Spot


Seriously, free printouts?!

Coffee:Nowhere conceptualized the idea of an easy working space, powered to productivity by coffee. Now you can have your warm cuppa and even catch a light brunch while you wait for your documents to be printed. As a student, I’m going to go ahead and say this is my salvation. I finally can print my overdue notes!

But of course, do be a courteous user and not hog the popular Macs! Each of the Macs are equipped with Adobe Suite – I actually saw a guy using Photoshop for a namecard artwork. It is limitless what you can do!

And what else is limitless?

#3 Their Amazing Menu

One of my biggest pet peeves about studying in Starbucks is the lack of good food. Most of the pastries are simply heated up, making for a pretty bleak mid-study meal. So Coffee:Nowhere is now here to combat that!

With an extension menu that is constantly refreshing (remember to check out the life sized posters on the glass panels for the best current deals!), Coffee:Nowhere’s picture-perfect food is a level of their own – delicious, delectable and deserving of an Instagram post.

One of my go-tos is Mr. Ben. It is a hearty serving of eggs benedict topped off with generous slices of smoked salmon. Treat yourself to the smoked duck slices upgrade and you’ll have a meal to power you through the day.

Fancy a read while eating? Don’t worry, Coffee:Nowhere’s got you covered.

#4 Study Area / Book Corner


Cannot express how much I love this cozy corner.

They stock everything from runner’s magazines to leisure books, by my favourite author (Sidney Sheldon) no less! Pair that with a mug of their impeccable peach smoothie and you’ve got yourself a lovely afternoon haunt.

Make a beeline for this corner if you’re here to get some work done – its right by the windows which promises plenty of light, it’s nearest to the Mac and printers at Coffice Spot for any emergency document printing, and there’s a selection of books to choose from to wind down from studying.

Finally packed up and ready to go? Put away your EzLink card and hop onto the free shuttle bus!

#5 Free Shuttle Buses From Clementi MRT And Back


Does it get anymore convenient?

The shuttle bus operates every half an hour and brings you all the way back to Clementi MRT, where you can quickly disperse back to school in good time, or back home in perfect convenience.

So there you go – 5 reasons why Coffee:Nowhere is your next study session’s salvation! Coffee:Nowhere is located at West Coast Plaza, 154 West Coast Road. It opens 10am to 9pm daily.

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