SgInstaBabes Answers: What Do Girls Want Their Boyfriend To Do During Their Period?

Yes, it’s the time of the month. The time when things get a little more emotional. All girls will understand what I mean because we are all in this together. No, we do not expect our boyfriends to understand what we are going through but we do expect you to show that extra bit of effort and concern.

To help you clueless guys out, we’ve gathered responses from 13 girls on their thoughts about what they hope their boyfriends would do for them when they are on their periods.

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1. Ziozio

Honestly I just wish that he will hug me tight when I push him away. Due to my mood swings during my period, I get emotional and times like these, I just need him to stay with me and hug me. I won’t really have any food cravings and would rather just stay in bed and cuddle up the whole day without doing anything.

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2. Shinyi

The (imaginary and ideal) boyfriend would be a waiter, bringing me food and occasionally coming to ask if everything is okay. Kidding, but I guess he should be as understanding as possible about the struggles of womanhood! Going out is especially tough during the time of the month, so I’d appreciate if he’d just come over and keep me company. Oh and a tip for guys: if your girlfriend is mad at you and you ask “Are you on your period?”, she’s guaranteed to be even angrier.

3. Claudia

If I’m having cramps I definitely want to cuddle and stay warm. I will also need hot milo and attention and never ever hear him mention the word ‘PMS’. 🙂

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4. Athena

I’ve always dread being on my period because I would experience terrible stomach cramps or intense backaches. Fortunately, what I wish for my boyfriend/partner to do is exactly what he knows and is doing right now! #blessed To the guys out there who doesn’t know what to do during her period yet, here are some tips:
1) Heat pads or period pills for period cramps & facial masks for pimple breakouts
2) LOADS of her favourite snacks or warm soup (no cold drinks)
3) Cuddles – it really helps! Idea is to stay in bed, watch some movies and NOT MOVE
4) Reassurance because period = waves of moodswings and insecurities.

5. Valerie

All I wish is that he’ll be more understanding. I don’t need him to buy me any stuff to pamper me because technically, I can buy them myself. However, I hope that when I’m cranky and needy, he’ll just be more patient towards me, show me some love, give me a tight hug, instead of asking me “Are you pms-ing?”.

6. Fenny

I would like him to hug me, give me hot chocolate, massage my shoulders and head, send me a bouquet of chocolates and flowers including sweet love cards. Kiss me on my forehead gently. The best if he does this: “hey babe this is my credit card for you to relax at salon and shopping”

Definitely will brighten any of girl’s day even in the worse period day.

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7. Birdie

I would love it if my future boyfriend gets me hot cocoa & cuddle with me while I’m on my period or eat whichever food I’m craving for together. I think that’d be really sweet.

8. Evelyn

Normally when Im on my period, I crave for chocolates and sugary stuffs! I’d love my boyfriend to buy all sorts of chocolates for me so I would not throw unnecessary tantrums at him.

Tips for the guys: chocolates instantly lift up your mood and make you a happier person! Plus, women are prone to low blood sugar and they will faint easily without having enough blood sugar. So guys, learn to score some points!

9. Christine Chin

I would want my boyfriend to bring me out to eat lots of food ❤️❤️❤️ I love to eat a lot, so food would definitely be the best way for me to forget about the cramps.

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10. Xin Yi

When I am on my period , I wish that my boyfriend would be able to attend to my cravings, constantly giving me assurance and being patient with me and my tantrums.

11. Veronica

I would like my boyfriend to buy me chocolates, always have a heat pack prepared, layan my bullshits, make me fall asleep before he does and always be there for me whenever I need him.

12. CaiFeng

I’m usually just extra sensitive on my period days so I would want my boyfriend to be extra understanding. I don’t like to eat chocolates so I don’t expect him to buy me chocolates. However, I will have a lot of food cravings so I would love my boyfriend to eat all the good food with me (E.g. mala 😋)

13. Ulrica

If I’m having my period, I wouldn’t want him to think that whenever I’m angry or upset means I’m having pms or assume that my period is coming soon. I will want him to shower me with lots of hugs and kisses and assure me that everything will be alright.


So guys, after hearing from these 13 girls, it is actually not as difficult as you guys think right? All we need is just loads and loads of hugs and warmth from you. Depending on our needs, you can get us food to satisfy our cravings and just be a little more tolerant to our mood swings. Most importantly, never ever ask if we are PMS-ing!

The next time your girlfriend is on her period, you will know what to do right?

Let us hear from all of you in the comments too! What will you guys do for your girlfriend when she is on her period? Girls, what else would you (secretly) want your boyfriend to do when it’s the time of the month?

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