Review: Under Armour Headphones Wireless

Yes, you heard that right, fashionable sportswear brand Under Armour has recently collaborated with JBL to release their own set of headphones made for athletes and regular exercisers. It has an array of functions which makes it useful and practical for both indoor and outdoor usage.

The Under Armour Headphones Wireless comes with TwistLock technology, where with just a simple twist, the earpieces are secured into your ears. It has a sporty and durable build, made to survive harsh and sweaty conditions. It syncs to various devices easily using Bluetooth and has a universal 3-button control that adjusts volume, stop/play and next/previous song. It has an eight-hour battery life. Lastly, it comes with a year premium membership to Under Armour’s fitness-tracking app, MapMyFitness.
under armour headphones singapore
Now that you know the facts, here’s my personal review after using the Under Armour Headphones Wireless for a month. Let’s start with what I like about it. Firstly, I like the fact that it is wireless, making it a lot less likely for me to accidentally get it stuck onto something. The TwistLock technology does work, prevent the earpieces from coming out of my ear when I’m in the gym. And the battery life is definitely long enough to last a week of workouts and train rides. Sound quality is great, although it is not as loud as I would like it to be. The design is definitely sporty and edgy, which helps me make a fashion statement while sweating buckets.
under armour headphones
On the flipside, the earbuds feel uncomfortable when you first wear them. My ears felt irritated for the first two weeks or so using them. But after that, my ears adapted to it and wearing themĀ felt perfectly normal. The headphones are sold for a retail price of S$289 and are available at all major headphones retailers.

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