Racial Harmony Day Special: Beautiful Mixed Blood Babes On Instagram

Happy Racial Harmony Day, Singapore! This special day is to remind us all that through our unity, Singapore has become a great country economically despite having limited land and natural resources. However, we at SgInstaBabes believe that racial harmony has brought us more than just economic benefits. Just check out these beautiful mixed blood babes and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Jeelian Leong @jeelstakethewheel – Indian-Chinese

Vanessa Wong @vwqw – Thai-Chinese

A photo posted by Vanessa Wong (@vwqw) on

Diana Bakar @dianabakar_ – Malay-Chinese

Arinah Zaimah @arinahzaimah – Malay-Chinese

A photo posted by Arinah Zaimah (@arinahzaimah) on

Siti McNally @sitimcnally – Malay-Chinese

A photo posted by Siti McNally (@sitimcnally) on

Jade Rasif @djjaderasif – Javanese-Iraqi-Dutch-Chinese

Alicia Marielle @alicia_marielle – Filipino-Spanish-Chinese

Chihiro @slayedqueen – Japanese-Chinese

Chantelle Creighton @ch4ntelle – British-Thai

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Melina Irwan @melinairwan – Malay-Chinese

A photo posted by Melina Irwan (@melinairwan) on

Khanitsri Lydia @khanitsrilydia – Thai-Chinese

Ayyisha Divya Woo @ayyishadivyawoo – Peranakan-Indian-Chinese

Ashley Kim Ryan @ashleykimryan – Irish-Chinese

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Franchette Guevarra @franlorraine_ – Spanish-Chinese-Filipino

Shannon Faith @shannonfaith.t – Eurasian-Chinese

Farah Hannah @prnzess – Malay-Chinese

A photo posted by Farah Hannah (@prnzess) on

Kartini Gunawan @tiniwong – Malay-Chinese

A photo posted by Kartini Gunawan (@tiniwong) on

We hope you see the beauty in racial unity now, literally. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more babes and fun!

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