NutriGirl 2017 Winner Arielle Lee Shares Her Personal Fitness Journey

Fresh from winning NutriGirl 2017, local stunner Arielle Lee is already raring to go for her next competition. We talk to the multi-faceted athlete on her journey to NutriGirl, her proudest moments and what’s coming up next in her itinerary to fitness excellence.

What inspired you to join Nutrigirl 2017?

I was inspired by my boyfriend who was in NutriMan 2016 – he emerged as 2nd runner up.

What was the hardest part about this journey to being NutriGirl 2017?

The hardest part was the dieting. There were lots of final preparation work and logisticis, especially two weeks before the finals. I also had to juggle holding my full time job.

What was the best moment of NutriGirl 2017 for you?

The best moment was seeing all my friends and family rooting and shouting for me every time I came on stage; that was an incredible confidence boost. I wanted to win to make them proud!

How long ahead did you have to prepare for this competition?

The total journey was about five months, starting from casting. However, proper training routine and diet plans started after Chinese New Year celebrations, which left me with 3.5 months to the finals on 13th May.

What are some of your tips for staying in such great shape and strong mindset in preparing for this event?

Stay focused and always remember why you want to make a change. Believe that you can push past the boundaries you set for yourself and you might just be pleasantly surprised!

What is your biggest takeaway from this competition?

The importance of choosing the right foods, as well as exercising efficiently and effectively.

What’s next for you in your pursuit for fitness excellence?

I am currently deciding between a pole competition in July or an upcoming fitness competition in October. I will be also performing for a pole recital in September.

Any last advice for girls who are attempting NutriGirl for the first time?

Set a realistic target for yourself and work towards that goal, even if you do not see visible results initially. Be patient and strive on. Along the way, enjoy the perks that NutriFirst will be pampering you with, and have fun with your fellow NutriBabes! It’s a fitness journey and you can bet that will never be/feel alone.

Thanks Arielle, we bet we are going to see this driven babe winning even more titles in the future. In the meantime, do let us know in the comments if you have any questions for Arielle too!

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