Joanna Lydia Koh: Stepping Up In The Modelling World

Standing 171cm tall, with fair skin, engaging eyes, and a bright smile, you definitely can’t miss Joanna Lydia Koh. The 18-year-old ITE College West Business Services student recently won May 2016’s Cover Girl Search, f.Club’s premier monthly ambassador search program, which won her $3000 of prizes and made her the poster girl for f.Club. Plus, she’s now a model under one of Singapore’s top modelling agencies, Carrie Models. And if those two achievements aren’t already impressive enough, she’s also in the top 25 of The New Paper’s New Face 2016. The following is our exclusive interview with this rising superstar.

SgInstaBabes: Hi Joanna. Congrats on your win at f.Club. How was the entire Cover Girl experience?

Joanna: Thank you! It was really really fun and I’m glad to be able to make friends with the other contestants! I still keep in active contact with some of them, especially Suan Jo.

SgInstaBabes: Will you be going to f.Club more often now?

Joanna: For sure! I find the crowd there friendlier, the atmosphere more interactive and the vibe more positive than other clubs.

wishing the weekends are here when the week has only just started ☹️

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SgInstaBabes: What advice would you give to other girls who wants to join the Cover Girl Search?

Joanna: Just be yourself, don’t stress up and have fun!


SgInstaBabes: Let’s get to the fun part. If you were stuck in the lift with Justin Bieber for two minutes, what would you do?

Joanna: I would make out with him!

SgInstaBabes: If your house was on fire, what’s the three things you’ll grab before running out of your house?

Joanna: I’ll grab my phone, all my makeup and my phone charger.

beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

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SgInstaBabes: What’s the most bimbotic thing you’ve ever done?

Joanna: I’ve done a lot of bimbotic stuff. But the one that stands out was this one time when I was receiving a sash from a VIP of an event. He put the sash upside down and out of my nervousness, I shouted at him “CB, you put it the wrong side ah!” I was super apologetic after that and also super embarrassed. I’m pretty sure I left a bad impression towards them.

SgInstaBabes: Ouch. That’s gotta hurt your impression towards them. If the world were to end in 24 hours, what would you do?

Joanna: I’ll spend the 24 hours with my family and Rayner’s family and we’ll all die together. It’s just like Romeo & Juliet except… everyone dies.

SgInstaBabes: Do you think Singapore is male or female dominant?

Joanna: I think Singapore is female dominant because most guys always listen to their girlfriends. And for many jobs, especially in the entertainment industry, companies always hire only girls, not guys because girls have “ASSets”.

SgInstaBabes: What’s the perfect relationship to you?

Joanna: One which is carefree, stable, full of sex, passion, and adventures.

SgInstaBabes: Tell us about your fashion sense. What will you wear if you were to go to Orchard Road?

Joanna: If I’m in town, I’m either there for an event or I’ll be going to a club, so I’ll be wearing something slutty… oops, I mean sexy. πŸ™‚

SgInstaBabes: What do you think about the slut shaming culture in Singapore?

Joanna: I think the slut shamers in Singapore are quite aggressive and hostile. In other countries, people are having sex every day whereas in Singapore, if someone does something sexual out of the ordinary, she will beΒ deemed as a slut.

SgInstaBabes: Last but not least, any shoutouts to your friends, fans and family?

Joanna: I would like to thank all sixty friends who came down to f.Club to support me on that day. I hope you all had a great time. And also Rayner and my family.
Cover Girl Search Poster
The Cover Girl Search June 2016 Edition is now open for registration! Contestants stand to win $5000 worth of prizes spread among 5 winners. Prizes include alcohol, facial treatments, hotel stays and much more. Most of all, the overall winner will become f.Club’s ambassador for the month and be on f.Club posters! She will also be featured in an exclusive interview on SgInstaBabes. Click here to sign up now! Registration closes on 15 June.

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