8 Spots At Garden by the Bay’s Christmas Wonderland Display That Will Up Your Instagram Game

Up your Instagram game; come take photos at these 8 picture perfect spots at Christmas Wonderland 2016!

Held at Gardens by the Bay, Christmas Wonderland is Singapore’s biggest yuletide fair. It officially opened last Thursday at Gardens by the Bay where guests enjoyed the grand opening with a dramatic light up and special “blizzard treat” surprise! This stunning 19.7m Spalliera Castel del Monte is the largest Luminarie ever built in Southeast Asia – the perfect backdrop to any Christmas photo!

Visitors can look forward to a myriad of yuletide activities, retail and dining options as well as the signature Luminarie light sculptures nestled across an expanded 57,000 sqm festival ground. Imagine your night out: have some light snacks at the carousel square, take a bucket load of photos at the Spalliera Castel del Monte, win a toy at the carnival game booths, go for a romantic ice-skate session and finish off by dropping in for the choir singing. Sounds utterly magical, doesn’t it?

But of course, no Christmas Wonderland would be complete without a photo trail! To make things super easy for you, we’ve attached one activity per photo spot. Bring home not just dreamy holiday memories, but also plenty of likes of your wintery time here ;D

The Spalliera Castel del Monte

Start your photo trail here! Any photo taken against this stunning visual masterpiece is guaranteed to up your street cred and flood you in likes!

2nd year back 🎄❤️#singapore #gardenbythebay #christmaswonderland

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The Carousel Square

Indulge in the Christmas treats (hefty price tags though) and use your purchase as an opportunity to take pretty photos by the booth’s fancy decor!

Favourite festival of the year🎄✨🌙 #Christmas #christmaswonderland2016

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The photo booth

No modern day event is complete without a photo booth; go nuts with the props and take photos of your prints (photo-ception, anyone?) against any of the festival’s gorgeous setting!

[3/3] trying to do this 3×3 feed thing on insta 🙄

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The Palace

The ice skating rink is unmissable for its show-stopping light display at the door. Most people end up taking more photos here than inside the rink itself because come on, who can pass up posing like a princess against the word ‘Palace’ in your backdrop? Claim the throne!


The Ice Rink

Christmas Wonderland really knocked out of the park with this one. Knowing that our weather can be cruel, this ice rink is here to assuage your heat fears. Come on in anytime the weather outside starts getting uncomfortable!

Ice skating in #singapore having a blast. @mandymayhem is rocking the seal. @bellybean19 #christmas

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The Carnival Game Booths

Girls, look cute and be cute until your boyfriend wins you something! With the prize in hand, take photos against the colourful game booth, or take a photo of him in mid-shot; so many possibilities.

Feed the fish at Christmas Playground.. #gardensbythebay #somanypeople

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The Garden Choir

Take a seat by the benches or on the lawn as the voices of the choir lift your Christmas spirits. Do check the timing of the choir before planning your trip to make sure you don’t miss them!


The Christmas Train

Revel in childhood wonder with this train! It’s a slow ride across the fair grounds so hey, you could hop on when you get tired of walking and grab a photo out of it.

It opens to the public today till 1 January 2017, from 3.30pm – 11pm daily.


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