Five Fitness Mistakes Most Singaporean Women Make

Singaporean Women Fitness

Being in Singapore puts us all in a highly-stressed environment and everything has to be done well and efficiently. That of course, includes our fitness regime. We want our efforts to show. We want our fitness exercises to give us RESULTS.

If you’ve been exercising hard, eating a presumably clean and healthy diet but still not seeing any results from your fitness regime, perhaps you’ve been committing these 6 fitness mistakes! Here are some of the common mistakes we all agree that Singaporean women make that hinder their results.

#1 Eating Insufficient Calories

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Although cutting down on calories is required for weight loss, consistent calorie deficiency will cause you to lose muscle mass which will lower your metabolism. The solution? Eat fewer calories than you burn on most days but on one or two days per week, eat slightly more calories than you burn. The best part is, the high-calorie days will make your diet more sustainable and allow you to splurge on a fancy dinner or two.

#2 Doing Too Much Cardio

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When it comes to fitness, more isn’t necessarily better. And that is especially true when it comes to cardio exercises. Doing too much cardio will deplete your body of energy and make you feel tired. To add on, despite losing some weight, your body will still be soft and weaker.

According to Health Hub Singapore, we should all aim for 150 minutes of physical activity every week to be healthy. However, each and every individual is different and this is just an average gauge. Our advice would be to observe your own body.

Doing too much cardio will result in the following symptoms:

  • You’re always feeling sore
  • You can’t seem to fall asleep at night
  • Increased heart rate
  • You always feel tired (despite not being able to fall asleep at night)

So if you observe that your body is showing these symptoms, maybe it is time to take a break from the treadmill!

#3 Not Weight Training

Singapore Woman Weight Training

Most ladies shun the idea of weight training because they believe in the misconception that it will make them look bigger and bulkier. However, this is just a typical stereotype when in fact, women don’t have the natural hormones and genetic make-up to actually become bulky purely from weight training.

Weight training comes with many benefits and results that can’t be seen from cardio alone. It is the only way for you to sculpt the physique of your dreams! Other than that, it improves bone density and increases your metabolism – which in turns help to burn more fat!

#4 Not Working On Your Weak Points

Everyone wants that perky ass but maybe it’s already worked enough? Have you ever noticed yourself just going to any particular section in the gym? Yes, it may feel good to focus on what you’re good at but what you want to work on may not necessarily be what your body needs. Studies have shown that the more imbalanced two antagonistic muscles (muscles on the opposite sides of the same joint) are in terms of strength, the higher the chances of the weaker muscle getting an injury. Next time when you hit the gym, start with something that you don’t usually work on!

#5 Not Getting Enough Protein

The Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) recommends an average woman to take 46g of protein daily. This amount increases with intense exercise, up to 2g of protein per kg of body weight. Consuming enough protein helps women to recover from their physical activities and build stronger muscles. Furthermore, having enough protein in your body regulates your blood sugar level and prevent those snack cravings which will cause more harm to your body!

ProWater Singapore

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However, the best part of ProWater and the part which we love the most is its line-up of flavours. They know that quite a lot of ladies aren’t fond of diary-flavoured protein drinks. Therefore, they offer their products in three fruity flavours – Orange Citrus, Kiwi Strawberry and Pineapple Coconut. Our team tasted all three flavours and needless to say, they all passed the taste test.

Protein Water Singapore

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