This Gourmet Popcorn Brand Has 17 Flavours Including Flossy Salted Egg, Crispy Rendang & Wasabi!

When asked to name a few popcorn flavours, what can you think about? Caramel, sweet and salty? *Yawns*  Well, this gourmet popcorn brand in Singapore that you are about to read about offers 17 unique and unexpected flavours! 

This international brand has expanded into Singapore with 2 outlets – one in Raffles City and one in WestGate. Yes, we’re talking about Eureka Popcorn, the most exciting gourmet popcorn store in Singapore!

With intensive research and effort, Eureka Popcorn has created 17 whole new flavours of gourmet popcorn which include unique flavours that you would not expect to go well with popcorn! These 17 flavours are classified under 4 main categories:

Classic: BBQ, Caramel, Cheese, Tomato, Sour cream and Onion, Original (Sea Salt) and Classic Mix of Caramel, Cheese and Sweet Tomato

Heritage Series: Curry, White Coffee and Flossy Salted Egg (New!!)

Oriental Series: Seaweed, Wasabi and Matcha Chocolate

Indulgence Series: Cocoa Malt, Dark Chocolate, Butter Caramel and Cereal Butter Caramel

We did a taste test on all the available flavours and here are some opinion and comments on each of their flavours!

Classic Series:

BBQ– Think of BBQ potato chips uniquely fused into popcorn
Caramel– slight tinge of sweetness with fragrant caramel smell; not overly sweet
Cheese– very savoury with a hint of onion, perfect for any cheese lovers
Sweet Tomato– slightly sour, slight resemblance to spicy tapioca chips without the spiciness. One of our favourites during the taste test
Sour Cream and Onion– very similar to Pringles sour cream and onion chips but mild enough for you to reach out for even more without feeling jelat
Original– taste rather mild and salted nicely, for the health conscious

Heritage Series:

Curry– For the adventurous, has authenticity of curry flavour, slightly spicy
White Coffee– mild coffee taste, quite a unique blend with coffee aroma
*New* Flossy Salted Egg– Another one of our favourites, very flavourful and really retained the authentic taste of salted egg yolk.

Oriental Series:

Seaweed– Think of Mcdonald’s seaweed fries being infused into your popcorn, how lovely! The taste wasn’t too overpowering and was just right for us too.
Wasabi– One of the most interesting flavours! One would expect wasabi flavoured foods to be too overpowering but this blend was just nice. Pop one into your mouth and the spice would set in, disappearing quickly and you’ll soon find yourself reaching out for the next one.. and the next and……
Matcha Chocolate– If you’re a fan of green tea kit kat, you’ll love this.

Indulgence Series:

Cocoa Malt– Imagine cereal, with milo and hot chocolate!!
Dark Chocolate– Chocolatey taste that gives a hint of milo and cereal taste as well!
Butter Caramel– A slightly improved version of the caramel popcorn with rich butter taste, not too sweet and reminds us of the Werther’s Original Candy
Cereal Butter Caramel– Additional cereal taste on top of butter caramel popcorn – perfect for oat lovers


Can Packaging
Resealable packaging

Prices for the can packaging (90g) is $7 (With exception of Flossy Salted Egg at $8/can) and each resealable bag (140g) costs $10/bag (with exception of Flossy Salted Egg, Classic Mix and Butter Caramel at $11/bag). A customer will get a free 70g can of popcorn for every 3 items purchased.

Flossy Salted Egg

And yes, Flossy Salted Egg is a new flavour just launched by Eureka Popcorn this June! Other than Flossy Salted Egg, we’ve heard news of another exciting flavour coming up in late June!

*Drumrolls please*



Crispy Rendang!!

*We’ve not tried the flavour yet as it wasn’t launched when we were there but we’re definitely looking forward to its launch!

Eureka Fun Flakes
Membership Promo

To reward all their loyal fans, Eureka is offering free membership and every $10 spent earns you 1 chop. Collect 5 chops and receive a free item from them.

Raffles City Outlet

Yes, you’ve finally reached the most crucial part- the details of their 2 outlets in Singapore! With 2 outlets conveniently located in the heart and west of Singapore, you can easily get your hands on a pack of popcorn! (Or maybe even more…)



1. Westgate

Location: Shop: #02-K4, Westgate, 3 Gateway Dr, Jurong East, Singapore 608532
Contact :  +65 6266 0961

2. Raffles City

Location: Shop: #B1-K10, 252 North Bridge Road Raffles City Shopping Centre Singapore 179103
Contact :  +65 6862 0068

So, what’s your favourite popcorn flavour? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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