DJ Jade Rasif: Beauty With a Beat

Jade Rasif is taking the nightlife industry by storm. She’s beautiful, with dazzling eyes, fair skin and a body most girls will kill for. This pretty face is also smart, bubbly and witty. She’s currently studying Communications in NUS and has tonnes of funny, sarcastic yet on-point comebacks when it comes to facing haters and online bullies. Seriously, don’t mess with her. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

At the prime age of  22, she already has more than 57 000 followers on Instagram. Well, with the face of an angel complimenting that piping hot figure, it is no wonder she is adored by thousands. She jokes that she struggles to not get expelled from NUS while she juggles between DJ-ing or filming for Channel 5. Get to know more about her in the exclusive interview below.

SgInstaBabes: What inspired you to become a DJ?

Jade: Free drinks. Just kidding. I was dating a DJ instructor and he got me hooked onto music. He also tried to get me started on Counter Strike. Did. Not. Work.

SgInstaBabes: What is your proudest achievement so far as a DJ?

Jade: I played on It’s The Ship 2015, which means I shared a stage and chilled with Showtek, Kaskade, Headhunterz and DJ Soda. Fangirl mode on.

SgInstaBabes: What are your plans for 2016?

Jade: I’m stuck in school so 2016 is looking really boring… oh but I’m thinking of getting myself a cat, which is kinda cool. I love cats.

SgInstaBabes: If a young girl comes up to you and says she wants to be a DJ just like you, what will your advice be?

Jade: Passing on wisdom from the amazing DJ Mass Ramli – “Never talk shit about another DJ”.

SgInstababes: I’ll let you rant a little. Is there anything in the local music industry that really grinds your gears?

Jade: I have no beef with the industry itself. But let me put it this way: when you’re in an agency with 30 other girls… it can get UGLY. I’ve seen grown ass female DJs throw drinks at each other, cat fights, physical fights, confrontations, breakdowns, sex scandals. Cut that shit out. Share music, be kind.

SgInstaBabes: What do you love about this industry?

Jade: I love the travelling part. I make it a point to plan an overseas gig once a month where I get to unwind, drink and party!

SgInstaBabes: Recently an article claimed that another female DJ is “the next Jade Rasif”. What do you think about that?

Jade: I was surprised. I thought I was just another unimportant DJ that nobody gave a fuck about. But now I feel pressured to live up to the name I never thought I had. Haha.

SginstaBabes: Imagine your house is on fire. You can only grab 3 things and run out of your house before the whole place is engulfed in flames. What would you grab and why?

Jade: OMG touch wood! But if I had to, I’d grab my mom, my phone, and whichever sister/pet is closest (I have 4). I would save all of them but I can’t pull off that 3rd-degree burn look.

SgInstaBabes: Tell us more about your fashion sense!

Jade: I’m not very fashionable. So I will dress like an ah ma but I will try to get a nice bag. So basically you can tell that I super duper love bags. Haha. I spend ALL my money on bags.

SgInstaBabes: What are your parent’s opinion about your job?

Jade: Well both my parents are lawyers so I guess they don’t approve of it. Ok fine, they hate it! Haha. But compared to my sister (a bikini competitor), at least I’m not in a bikini.

SgInstababes: You’re trapped in the lift with your most creepy and persistent stalker. What would you do?

Jade: Coincidentally, I was recently stuck in the same MRT cabin with an ex-stalker. This guy would follow me home and beat on my boyfriend. He was such a creep that my mom called my principal and threatened to get a restraining order. It was so gross. Anyway, I’d like to say I beat his ass but instead I just ran. So my answer is, I’d probably run.

SgInstaBabes: Can you tell us about your tattoo?

Jade: Oh, I had it when I was 14. My friend bought a new tattoo machine so he helped me with it. I can remember how he was quarrelling with his girlfriend during the process, so every time she says something critical, I can feel him pressing a little harder!

SgInstababes: What superpowers do you wanna have, if you have a choice?

Jade: Shape shifting. Imagine how much money I’d save on facelifts when I’m old. Just BAM, and suddenly I look like Megan Fox.

SgInstaBabes: Let us know more about you. Choose one among these two choices!

Noodles vs Rice

Sushi vs Steak

Fancy night out vs chill night at home

Lip gloss vs Lipstick

Eye liner vs Mascara

Water vs Soft drinks

 Coffee vs Tea

Cookies vs Cakes

Yogurt vs ice-cream

Stilletos vs Platforms

Extrovert vs Introvert

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