Charlene @Jitterhaps’ Five Favourite Exercises For A #Fitspo-Worthy Bod

Charlene Jitterhaps

This article is written by athlete and fitness enthusiast Charlene Tan aka @jitterhaps on Instagram. Follow her for your daily fitness motivation.

I’ve always been an athlete since young, but as my scoliosis worsened, the road to recovery was an arduous one. This meant giving up my favourite sports as I underwent surgery. The physical limitations I faced post surgery led to a dilemma between my health and my active lifestyle. It wasn’t until I went to university that I started practising yoga and subsequently engaging in high-intensity interval training classes.

Having advanced to weight lifting and to have been featured on the Sunday Times’ Hotbods section, I’ve never felt better about my posture, strength, and thus has since become my motivation to pursue fitness. And here are some of my favourite exercises.

#1 Lat Pulldowns

Lat pulldowns are great even when you’re just starting out because unlike pull-ups, you can adjust the weights to suit your strength levels and still get results!

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#2 Parallel Dips

Dips has got to be the one exercise that taught me the phrase “if you don’t try, you’ll never know”. Get off the assist and test your strength! You’ll get there sooner than you expect!

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#3 EZ Bar Curls

Sun’s out, gun’s out! Did I mention that I love working on my biceps?

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#4 Burpees

Burpees! The first exercise for Under Armour’s Test of Will 2017. They work the entire body and is definitely one of the exercises that helps improve stamina and endurance over time.

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#5 Planks

Lastly, the plank is an exercise that requires minimal movement while strengthening your core and back muscles, which in turn helps support proper posture. And I really need that!

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Here’s hoping to inspire more females to embark on a fitness journey and not shy away from lifting heavier weights because being strong does not make you any less than the woman that you are.

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