Meet Ardina Linley, The Witty Darling of Instagram

Ardina Linley, 18, an exquisite Malay-Chinese mixed lass just won f.Club’s Cover Girl Search. In doing so, she won $3000 worth of prizes including alcohol at f.Club, BioAesthetic facial treatments and a hotel stay in Bali. Most importantly, she’s now f.Club’s ambassador and will grace the posters of f.Club’s future events. The petite Mass Communication student at Ngee Ann Polytechnic has long and wavy hair, thick lips and a million-dollar smile even Darlie would approve of. She has plenty of admirers on Instagram and is frequently sponsored by fashion and beauty brands. Get to know more about Ardina in the following interview.

SgInstaBabes: How do you feel about winning the Cover Girl Search?

Ardina: It was honestly unexpected because the other girls were great as well! I’m really humbled by the decision though!

SgInstaBabes: How was the Cover Girl Search experience?

Ardina: Fun! I encourage anyone thinking about joining to participate! The people I met along the way are now all my friends, plus I had a great time just partying.

SgInstaBabes: How often will you be visiting f.Club now that you’re their poster girl for their upcoming event?

Ardina: More often now that my face will be up on the big screen. Haha joking!

SgInstaBabes: Will you be participating in more pageants in the future?

Ardina: Definitely! No harm there!

SgInstaBabes: What’s the weirdest thing about you?

Ardina: I was born with an extra hole on my face! It’s located between my nose and my upper lip, and it’s about the size of a piercing. People often ask me if I can breathe through it.

SgInstaBabes: Do you have any skills or talents?

Ardina: I’d like to think so.

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SgInstaBabes: What super power would you like to have?

Ardina: The ability to materialise anything out of thin air.

SgInstaBabes: If you can have free lifetime supply of a certain food, what food would it be?

Ardina: Wow this is a tough question. I’d choose caviar. Not to eat, but to sell so that I can earn some dough!

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SgInstaBabes: Imagine your house is on fire and everything is about to collapse. What are the three things you’ll grab before running out of your house?

Ardina: My dog, my laptop and my money.

SgInstaBabes: What do you think you’ll be doing in 2020?

Ardina: In university maybe?

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SgInstaBabes: Tell us a joke.

Ardina: What is red and smells like blue paint? Red paint.

SgInstaBabes: Anyone you would like to give a shoutout to?

Ardina: Yes! The other girls who were part of my Cover Girl Search journey: Jade, Jingru, Kat, Kelly and Kaiyi!

f.Club Cover Girl

The Cover Girl Search is organized monthly by f.Club and SgInstaBabes. Total prizes worth $5000 are up for grabs for the overall winner and subsidiary winners. Most importantly, the winners will be featured on SgInstaBabes’ Instagram, f.Club event posters and Are you good enough to be f.Club’s next ambassador? Registration for March 2016’s Cover Girl Search is open until 14 March. The finals will be on 26 March. Click here to register for the Cover Girl Search.

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