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We’ll create content about your brand that our audience loves so much, they won’t even think that we’re selling them anything and even share it with their friends.

And that’s because we’re not actually selling them anything. We’re presenting your brand and your products’ strengths in the most creative, entertaining, aesthetically pleasing and informative way possible.

We bet that you have an amazing product, service or event. And you want to present it to a huge audience without coming about as a pushy salesman. That’s where we come in. Imagine our beautiful talents using your products, dining at your eatery or attending your event and having the best experience ever. Then, imagine that joy being shown to our hundreds of thousands of followers via videos, photos and articles which they will share with their friends.

Here are examples of what we’re talking about:

Client: Get Juiced. Marketing Campaign: Video. Campaign Reach: 384 000 People.

Client: Poco Loco. Marketing Campaign: Video. Campaign Reach: 103 000 People.

Client: F.Club. Marketing Campaign: Video. Campaign Reach: 55 000 People.

Client: DBS @ Ultra Music Festival. Marketing Campaign: Influencer Marketing & Article. Campaign Reach: 340 000 People.

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If you would like to speak to us about advertising for your brand, fill in this form. Our business development officers will advise you on the best campaign to suit your brand and marketing needs.

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