12 Weird & Creepy DMs Girls In Singapore Have Received

Weird Singapore Guys On Instagram

Gone are the days where guys get girls’ numbers at the club. Nowadays, the Internet provides a safe barrier for guys to approach girls without having to embarrass themselves publicly or as we call it, slide into their DMs. However, some guys have no qualms showing their true self and expressing all their thoughts with no self-restraint. Here are twelve of those guys. We decided to skip the dick pics because those are so typical.

#1 Errrr… Okay…

Weird Singaporean Guy

Submitted by Joey Heng @joddessss.

#2 How Curious Can You Be?

Weird Singapore Fetish

Submitted by Chloe Chan @chhloe.

#3 Whoah! Take It Easy!


Submitted by Clarissa Tan @clarissathm.

#4 Nope, Apology Not Accepted

Tricia Wong

Submitted by Tricia Wong @triciawonggg.

#5 Those Hands Should Be Handcuffed

Singapore Funny

Submitted by Alina @awwxemmy.

#6 This Is Totally Safe, Right?

Singapore Creep

Submitted by Kerene Kho @kerenekho.

#7 That’s Actually A Pretty Good Deal!

Singapore Weirdo

Submitted by Esther Faridah Leo @estthherr.

#8 Sabrina WHO???

Singapore Weird Messages

Submitted by Andrea @vexdrea (NOT Sabrina).

#9 The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

Sky Lim Faves Asia

Submitted by Wendy Quek @wendaaaye.

#10 Sigh. Kids These Days.

Jade Rasif Funny

Submitted by Jade Rasif @djjaderasif.

#11 Dude, I Don’t Even Know You!


Submitted by Alyzabeth Tang @asscidic.

#12 Of Course It’s Not For You!

Singapore Guys Pick Up Chicks

Submitted by Bernice Lim @bernicelyq.

#13 Well, That Escalated Quickly!

Submitted by Angelica Ralston @angelicaralston.

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