Top 13 Best PokéBabes In Singapore

Here’s a list of Singaporean babes who aren’t just pros at catching our eyes and hearts. They happen to have a knack for catching Pokémon too! In fact, check out what they have caught so far. How do you match up? This list is in random order. However, we took the liberty to save the best for the last. Get ready to be amazed!

#1 Dawn Tan @dtynx

A photo posted by Dawn Tan 陈伊宁 (@dtynx) on

Dawn Tan

#2 Jade Rasif @djjaderasif

A photo posted by Jade Rasif (@djjaderasif) on

Jade Rasif

#3 Victoria Pang @veektoriaa

A photo posted by VICTORIA PANGZ (@veektoriaa) on


#4 Zora Lee @prancingponyx

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Zora Lee

#5 Kua Wanlin @linnylinna

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Kua Wanlin

#6 Shania Evelyn @shania.evelyn

Shania Evelyn

#7 Nicola Wong @n_wmz

A photo posted by Nicola Desiree (SG) (@n_wmz) on

Nicola Wong

#8 Alyzabeth Tang @alyzabethh

A photo posted by mami✨ (@alyzabethh) on


#9 Amelia Chang @hweeyiamelia


#10 Sharon @holylinglong


#11 Ivy Lim @ivyveroniquelim

Ivy Veronique Lim

#12 Wei Tong @weitongx

A photo posted by KRYSTAL (@weitongx) on

Wei Tong

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I present you, your queen!

#13 Vonne Chua @vonnechuaa

A photo posted by Vonne Chua (@vonnechuaa) on

Vonne Chua

SgInstaBabes: So Vonne, mind sharing with us your secret to being a Pokémon Master?
Vonne: Lots of research and knowing which Pokémons are tier A and meant for battles. It also helps to find out the hidden stats or “Individual Values” of each Pokémon. Lastly, dedication and consistency!
SgInstaBabes: Thank you very much.

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