Six Reasons Why You Mustn’t Miss Slide The City Singapore!

Ever seen videos of people rolling out a long vinyl sheet down the hill and sliding it all the way into a lake? Ever wanted to do that? Unfortunately, with the lack of hills, scarcity of land and super-strict laws in Singapore, probably none of us have the opportunity to do so. Lucky for us, Slide the City is coming to Singapore! Yayyers! Time to whip out those beach shorts, bikinis and swimming tubes and get wet!

So what exactly is Slide the City Singapore? It is an event that will be held at The Float @ Marina Bay on 25th to 27th November 2016. Expect more than 5 000 participants to be there! At the event, there will a super-long 850-foot vinyl slide, with the starting point lifted up on a 10m-tall platform and water gushing out to add to the speed of the sliders. And there’s more to Slide the City too! Here’s a top six list of our favourite highlights!

Highlight 1: The 850-ft Slide


The idea of a super-long slide might seem simple enough. But with added creativity, the fun can be multiplied many times! Imagine the spinning video selfies you can take on the way down the slide. Imagine the speed and adrenaline. Are you the flamboyant and extravagant type? Wear whatever you want while sliding, as long as it’s isn’t sharp and doesn’t reveal your “oopsie-poopsie”. Or why slide alone when you can do it with friends or even a loved one. It’ll be a kiss you’ll never forget if you do it on the slide. That’s a romantic idea for you, guys. 😉

Highlight 2: Food Trucks

How can an event in Singapore be great without food? Food is not just an enjoyment to us Singaporeans. It’s our pride too! At Slide the City, you can expect dozens of food trucks whipping out fresh food to keep your tummies satisfied. Warning: Do NOT slide while you’re full. I’m pretty sure the other sliders would like to slide on clear water.

Highlight 3: DJs & Carnival Atmosphere

At Slide the City, your tummies won’t be the only body part satisfied. Top local DJs will be bringing acoustic pleasure to all sliders’ ears throughout Slide the City. Everybody will be jumping and dancing throughout the super high-energy event. You better get some good rest, because you’ll be burning tonnes of calories throughout Slide the City.

Highlight 4: Freebies, Accessories & Apparels


When you register for Slide the City by 30 September 2016, you’ll get loads of Slide the City-themed freebies! You’ll get a Perry the Penguin t-shirt or tank top, Slide the City temporary tattoo, inflatable tube, super cute waterproof drawstring bag, a pair of cool sunglasses, kickass water gun, Perry the Penguin plush toy and vouchers worth more than $100 from sponsors! Yay!

Highlight 5: Carnival Games & Flea Market

Other than food trucks, there will also be booths selling products and game booths. In total, there will be 40 booths for you to visit! More details about the booths will be released closer to the event date.

Highlight 6: SgInstaBabes


We’re sending our team of 40 beautiful, friendly and fun-loving InstaBabes to Slide the City. Meet them along with other hot bikini babes and handsome hunks! Over 5 000 fun-loving sliders are expected to be at Slide the City. So we’re sure you’ll make new friends and have memories that will last forever!

Slide the City tickets are sold at From now until 30th September 2016, tickets are sold between $40 to $100, depending on the number of times you’re sliding. After 30th September, Slide the City accepts walk-ins. However, walk-ins won’t receive any freebies. Follow SgInstaBabes and SlideTheCity.Sg on Instagram for more updates! See you all there!

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