SgInstaBabes Gallery of the Week: Halloween InstaBabes!

Halloween is a great excuse to dress up. Whether it’s sexy, horrifying or funky, here are our top favourite InstaBabes in Halloween costumes!

Beatrice Ng @Beatricenhx

Daenerys Targaryen fans, anyone?

A photo posted by B e a t r i c e (@beatricenhx) on


Sheryl @Sherylevangelyn

Konichiwa ladies!


Ellena @Ellenayoungxy

Excuse me miss, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

A photo posted by Ellena 🌸 (@ellenayoungxy) on


Putrisaninda @Nindadesiree


A photo posted by Putrisaninda (@nindadesiree) on


Victoria @veektoriaa


A photo posted by VICTORIA PANGZ (@veektoriaa) on


Kartini @tiniwong

Sometimes, I wonder where’s my woman.

A photo posted by Kartini Gunawan (@tiniwong) on


Shu Jing @5hu.j1ng

She reminds me of my ex-girlfriend.

A photo posted by SJ. (@5hu.j1ng) on


Valerie @unevencollarbone

Errr… Someone’s elbow just made this photo extra epic.


Gui Li @oguili

Do you wanna play with her?

A photo posted by // Gui Li (@oguili) on


Noel @noel.lin

Omg. No no noooooooooo!!!!


Josie @josiepngie


A photo posted by Josie Png (@josiepngie) on


Querra @Querramellca

We’ve seen dozens of Joker and Harley Quinn costumes but this one takes the cake!


Eileen @iwantgummybears

Make a wish!

A video posted by Eileen (@iwantgummybears) on


Amelia @a_meliaw

I hope SIA has really good insurance coverage for their staff!

A photo posted by Amelia Wong (@a_meliaw) on


Andrea @vexdrea

I’m having a really really bad dream right now.

A photo posted by Drea 💋 (@vexdrea) on


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