SgInstaBabes Answers: What Would You Do If You’re The President of USA?

Yes, Donald Trump just won the 2016 Presidential Elections. The result was met with varying responses – many did not agree on Donald Trump being the President-elect. There are many things that Trump has promised to implement as the new President.

However, do you think you can do a better job than Trump himself? How will you make America great again? We asked 8 InstaBabes on what would they do if they are the President of USA. Read to find out more!


Firstly, I will nationalize healthcare: get rid of the minimum age for Medicare because regardless young or old, everyone is entitled to equal healthcare benefits. Secondly, cut defense spending by a third (U.S is known to have the highest proportion of military spending): use some of the savings made by the military cuts to make college and university free for all students, or if not, reduce their tuition fees. Lastly, invest in upgrading America’s infrastructure to meet the new demand of the rapid growing economy. A little bit goes a long way!


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There’s no foolproof method to running a country as large as the USA, but the first step I would take would be to target existing problems, specifically gun violence. Improve the nation-wide education on the usage of guns, and enforce stricter regulations on the sale of guns —  mandating full background checks and psychiatric assessments on potential buyers.


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I will help out the homeless people in USA because from what I know, there’s a lot of homeless people there that needs help but the government turns a blind eye to them. Maybe something like creating support shelters, giving food or at least a shower place for them.


I’d probably slowly introduce equality, people never liked big changes suddenly and always fight against it. To be honest I think if I were to run for president, I would use someone else as my face so I can go into the places I need to be undetected and find the problem my people face, and brain storm a solution everyone can be happy with. Haha, basically equality and love as a major factor.


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I will split USA into 2 halves and transform one half into a paradise… I’ll build this HUGE pink translucent glass tank over this half (you know like the snowglobe thing) and it’ll snow all day long in it. I’ll employ a scientist/architect to turn the streets into ice and pile them with glitter. All the houses there will be mansions with diamond furnitures + private pools + private ice rinks and the houses need to be 90% pink too!!! USA will probably face a pretty bad fiscal deficit. Hahaha… I’ll never be the President of USA.


Well, instead of  “creating” jobs for the middle class citizens, I will try to ensure that the industries in USA will expand more to ensure that economy flow is right and hence, more job opportunities for the people. When the current industries in the USA expands, though it ain’t that simple hehehe (Duh) , it will maintain peace and harmony in the country! I will be genuine and state my plans for the country! MOST importantly, I will uphold myself to be a respectable, trustworthy and admirable role model such as the previous president of the united states of america, Mr Obama! (I really wish though haha).


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I will take care of the Americans because I pledged to serve them and think for them. I will definitely try my very best to make the best out of both worlds!


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Haha I think I’ll make walk-in wardrobes in houses a must! And like maybe every month there’ll be a mass free shopping week where everyone gets to choose what they wanna take home so they can follow trends! And also, shorter school hours hahaha. Oh, and cheaper sports car too.

How about you? What will you do if you were the president of the USA?

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