Meet Singapore’s Real-Life Barbie Doll

Remember Barbie? Every girl’s childhood best friend! 17-year-old lifestyle blogger, Winnie Chua, has been dubbed as Singapore’s Real-Life Barbie. With her long luscious locks, doll eyes, slim body and sharp facial features paired with her glamorous pink outfits, it’s no doubt that she resembles Barbie.

Although it may seem that looks are all that matters to her, there is actually so much more to this beautiful young lady! Keep reading to find out more about Singapore’s Real-Life Barbie; there are even some exclusive tips on how to be more like her at the end!


Sginstababes: How do you feel when people refer to you as the real life Barbie?
Winnie: I love Barbie a lot – the brand, the dolls, the word and everything! Hence it’s a really a huge compliment to me!

Sginstababes: Do you really want to look like a Barbie doll or is it just a coincidence?
Winnie: I think exact replicas of Barbie dolls are scary like Valeria Lukyanova (Russian’s Real-Life Barbie). I think I was associated with Barbie because of my obsession with Barbie + dolly makeup like hers. Also, it might be due to my Barbie tattoo which I feel is just a glamorous accessory.

Sginstababes: Who/what inspired your look other than Barbie?
Winnie: All the gyarus in Japan. Looking like Barbie is a HUGE thing in Tokyo!! When I visited Tokyo, I spotted many Barbie merchandises for grownups like earrings, clothing, room decoration, even Barbie themed photo booths. It truly felt like I was home there! That was when it hit me that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with liking and wanting to look like a doll you used to play with as a child.

Sginstababes: What’s the minimum amount of make-up you’ll leave home wearing?
Winnie: I can leave the house barefaced, but I have to wear a cap or sunglasses to hide my eyes as I’m not confident without my double eyelid tapes 🙁

Sginstababes: Have you had any plastic surgeries? What are your thoughts on it!
Winnie: I’m currently recovering from my 1st surgery, blepharoplasty + epicanthoplasty + canthoplasty (eyelid surgeries).
17 is a young age to start my surgery journey but just thinking of tossing away all those IRRITATING double eyelid tapes and saving sooo much time and money on my makeup… Aiyah, it’s really an all pros and no cons decision!!
I personally support plastic surgery. I’ve read many stories about people getting employed, given more job opportunities, getting promoted faster after their surgery. Other than safety, I don’t really see any disadvantages. Except if you overdo it and look like the China “snake spirit boy”… Then ERRR…

Sginstababes: Is your life “in plastic, so fantastic?” Share some good/bad experiences you’ve had because of the way you look.
Winnie: My life is quite fantastic! HAHAHA! I love my life!
Whenever I dress up, I’m treated much better by strangers, for example, receiving better customer service. I get treated more politely by shop owners and even receive compliments from strangers!

Sginstababes: How long do you take to get ready and who is the poor guy having to always wait for you?
Winnie: Usually around 2 hours for my makeup and hair but most of the time I struggle to paste my double eyelid tapes in the correct angles. LOL! Now that I’ve done my eyelid surgery, 30 min should be enough.
The poor guy should be Wee Kiat aka @Fabodylous. HAHAHA!

Sginstababes:Are there any other real-life Barbies in Singapore?
Winnie: I’m sure there are girls who look like Barbie or just dolls in general but some don’t really go for the doll look, they just look like one! I don’t think there’s anyone else in Singapore who is as obsessed with Barbie as I am hehe!

Sginstababes: Will you ever come out with your own fashion line?
Winnie: If I have the $$$, then YES!

Sginstababes: Your clothes are to die for, any suggestions where I can get them?
Winnie: TAOBAO. Everything offline can be bought online!! My fav Taobao store is 芭比库.

Sginstababes: You have a lot of glamorous photos on Instagram, any tips for taking good ones and editing them?
Winnie: Find your best angle, and take A LOT so you can choose from them or in case you accidentally shake your hand and make that perfect selfie blurry.
I use Beautycam, Snapseed, and Rakuga cute to edit my photos. Beautycam is my favourite!! Works wonders!

Sginstababes: Have you found your “Ken”? Describe your ideal “Ken”!
Winnie: I found my Ken when I was 5/6 but I threw him away during our house renovation…
An ideal guy to me is someone like Ken without the gayness. Ken is quite gay in the Barbie TV series (I think).

Sginstababes: What advice would you give to girls who want to look like you?
Winnie: Read Popteen or Ageha magazines (find them in Kinokuniya) and learn more about Japanese gyarus, the 2016 current gyarus, and not those tanned gyarus you can find on Google Images.

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