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Do you want to be involved with big and exciting events, brands and trends in Singapore? If yes, then you should be part of our content creation team. Over the past two years, our content creators have benefited from over $100 000 worth of event tickets, sponsored products, cruise trips, food (A LOT of food), hotel stay, spa treatments and much more. However, the greatest satisfaction from being a content creator for SgInstaBabes doesn’t come from receiving but from creating something together. When your article, photo or video is seen, appreciated, applauded and shared by hundreds of thousands of audience, that’s the best feeling of being part of our team.

Here are the people we need to continue making entertaining and inspiring content which is loved and shared by many. If you would like to apply for any of these roles, just fill in the form below. Yes, we do accept newbies but not freeloaders.


As our brand name suggests, we produce content which is presented by beautiful Singaporean babes. But beauty isn’t all that we are looking for. We’re looking for confident girls who can shine on camera, engage our audience and spread positivity and happiness through our videos and photos. P.s. Many assume that Instagram popularity matters a lot when choosing our models but actually, we’re totally fine with anyone of any level of popularity.


We need photographers who can see things differently from others, bring out the beauty in everything and capture emotions. We want our photos to amaze people with one gaze and tell a story that a thousand words can’t tell. If you can do that and you specialise in commercial photography, event photography, people photography and food photography, we want you!


We need videographers who can film and post-produce videos. And if you can conceptualise videos, write scripts and direct, that’s even better! Videos are our most engaging form of content and therefore the most important. What we appreciate the most in a videographer is the ability to sense what the audience love to watch and share with their friends.


We need writers who are awesome in writing event previews, listicles, special features and blog-style articles. If you’re able to add some quirkiness and Singaporean-ness into your articles, even better!

Creative Producers

Let’s just say you suck at being in front or behind the camera (or maybe you don’t) but you have a head full of ideas and want to make them happen. Ideas of how to amaze our audience and pique their interest. Well, please join us and inspire our videographers, photographers and writers!

Business Development Officers

A business development officer’s role is simple – find people to feed us! To be more specific, you’ll be the bridge between us and brands who are seeking to present their products through our content and reach hundreds of thousands of audience.

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