Eight Parties In Singapore To Check Out This Halloween!

Image by WallMiami.com.

Of all celebrations, either religious, national or commercial, none is as fascinating as Halloween. It’s the time when weird and creepy becomes a norm and craziness is allowed. Speaking of crazy, here are eight parties where you can go berserk and make your Halloween memorable. Please remember that The Purge is only a movie and crime isn’t allowed, not even for just 24 hours and especially not in Singapore.

#1 Singapore Halloween Pub Crawl, 29 October 2016

Why party at one club when you can party at three? Singapore Pub Crawl brings you and hundreds of party ghouls and witches to three exciting clubs in one night – Baliza, f.Club and Skyline! Party buses will transport all guests to the clubs so you can save your energy for more fist pumping and jumping.

#2 Retox Pool Party, 30 October 2016

It’s a whole-day party at One Degree 15 Marina Club! The Retox Pool Party is all about maximum skin, sun and sound! No need for costumes here. Plus, drinks are pleasantly priced. Oh yay!

#3 Bang Bang Presents: Happily Never After: Twisted Fairy Tales, 29 October 2016

Bang Bang decided on a rather twisted theme for their Halloween party this year. To those who dare, step into Bang Bang. Dress code: Fairy Tale Freak. Muahahahaha!!

#4 Zouk Singapore Presents: The Scream Diner, 29 Oct 2016

Zouk has decided to take on a horrifying yet scrumptious theme for their Halloween party this year. Try out drinks such as Bloody Spin Shots and Bacardi Meat Slushie. Can you stomach it all?

#5 F.Club Presents: Slaughter House, 28 & 29 October 2016

F.Club pays for your effort. The first 100 guests to wear a Halloween costume into F.Club gets free entry and a free drink too! Now you can be a high and happy chainsaw-wielding clown. Yay!

#6 Baliza Presents: House of Fun, 3 Nights of Horror, 27, 28 & 29 October 2016

For three nights in a row, Baliza will introduce different rooms for different Halloween experiences. Dress your best (or should I say, worst) because one lucky winner will win a VIP table for a night with $1 500 of alcohol at Baliza! Woohoo! I mean, BOO!

#7 Mumm Party Squad Halloween Special: The Purge, 29 October 2016

The Mumm Party Squad consists of a team of gorgeous girls, a mysterious illuminated being on stilts called Tronbot and a Spaceman from a galaxy far away! Their only objective is to make sure the party gets crazy and wild. Unlike your run-of-the-mill party squad experience, the Mumm Party Squad rewards its spenders like no other with a service ritual for any Mumm packages bought. Ready for the Mumm Party Squad experience? Be at Skyline to experience it!

#8 Cé La Vi Presents: Cirque Le Soir, 29 October 2016

Cé La Vi is bringing the circus to town! With tonnes of thrill, get ready to be freaky and fabulous at the same time. Check out the video below and you’ll know we’re talking about.

So where will you be partying this Halloween? Choose wisely, or you’ll regret it. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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