Fans Go Crazy Over Kanye West’s Life of PABLO Pop-Up Store

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21 PABLO store opened over the weekends worldwide and Singapore is the only Asian country that holds a PABLO pop-up store. Hundreds of fans started standing in line from as early as 2am on Friday to get their hands on the exclusive Life of PABLO merchandise.

This may seem crazy to the public but to Kanye fans, they are exclusive items which can’t be bought anywhere else. Each customer is also only allowed a maximum purchase of 5 items, perhaps maybe to discourage reselling. However,¬†atrocious prices have been seen online with resellers doubling¬†or even increasing the price up to four times.

PABLO CATLife Of PABLO offers over 12 merchandise ranging from caps, t-shirts, crew neck, hoodies and bomber jackets. All price ranging from $50-$400. Each temporary store has limited edition designs that not only carry the brand name PABLO but its own exclusive city name pertaining to which store you visit.

Is PABLO merchandise hype worth it? Well, it’s up to you to decide.

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