Digital Marketing Singapore

Digital Marketing Singapore

SgInstaBabes is a digital marketing agency that specialises in social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, event support and talent management. Leveraging on our 110 000 social media followers, database of 6 000 popular social media influencers, business connections and content creators, we spread our clients’ brand message far and wide while creating a deep and lasting impression of them. The best part of playing so many roles and functions is that we’re able to save you the time and effort of working with multiple agencies and allowing you to communicate with just one touch point. With the ever-increasing number of online media viewers, our services beat traditional advertising by far with lower costs. Also, we make events cool.

Content Marketing

Content marketing involves creating videos, articles or photos which are relatable, valuable, entertaining and informational and drives interest towards specific brands or products. It is one of the most effective methods to drive traffic and eyeballs to a brand, create brand resonance and convert impressions into sales. The best part is, if our content goes viral, our clients will get a great return on investment, unbeaten by any other forms of marketing.

Here’s a video which we have created for Get Juiced, a three-room club at Clarke Quay. This video was published when Get Juiced was just launched and now they’re one of the most visited clubs in Singapore. With just a three-digit budget, this video has achieved the reach equivalent to $4500 worth of Facebook ads. These views were obtained from over 7 000 Facebook users sharing the video and recommending Get Juiced to their friends.

And here’s an article which we did for Ultra Singapore 2017, which garnered 68 000 views and 4 700 shares with no paid advertisements. Needless to say, we’ve found the formula to make content which our audience love to watch or read and share with their friends.

Instagram Marketing Singapore

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the latest trend in online marketing nowadays. With proper targetting, selection and management of influencers, brands can gain a lot more impressions and better conversion compared to paid ads. At the same time, brands can obtain photos and videos of their products with recognisable and influential icons. Influencer marketing is powerful because consumers have the fear of missing out from trends and latest happenings.

Due to our huge database of influencers and positive relationship with them and super efficient communication and workflow, we can recruit, brief and manage more and better influencers faster than any other agencies in Singapore.

For example, we recruited and managed 100 influencers for Blacklight Run 2017 in just eleven days. Yes, eleven days. And these influencers each has an average of 600 likes and 10 000 impressions per photo.

We were also the exclusive influencer agency for Singapore’s top bicycle-sharing platform, oBike when they first launched their service in Singapore. We recruited 22 influencers for them, including Singapore’s top influencer, Naomi Neo. As a result, oBike became the top downloaded app in both the Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

We’ve also run influencer marketing campaigns for dozens of companies such as these.

Lastly, due to our in-depth research, we’re good at spotting and filtering out fake influencers who bought their likes and followers and have no actual real influence. Yes, these people do exist and the problem is much more rampant than you think. We use our knowledge to ensure that our clients only get authentic exposure and branding.

Here’s an example of a fake influencer who is heavily sponsored by brands who aren’t aware of the authenticity of her followers. She receives only up to 5 300 impressions per post despite having 37 800 followers and an average of 2 000 likes per photo.

On the other hand, here’s an example of an authentic influencer who despite having only 6 700 followers, has up to 37 000 impressions per post. Impressions are the most authentic measure of influence as they can’t be bought.

Event Support

Parties are only as fun as the people who attend them. If you’re organising a party and need a beautiful and fun-loving crowd of babes to attend it and to pull in more people, it’s a no-brainer that we can help. We’ve brought a big group of babes to dozens of parties such as the ones below. They also made plenty of social media posts to create huge hype about the party, garnering over one million impressions per party.

Talent Recruitment & Management

We’re also efficient at recruiting and managing talents for events or acting jobs. We’ve recruited eleven actresses for the Toggle series, The Breakup List in just three days.

Other than that, we got four actors and four actresses for Workforce SG’s online series within 24 hours of their request. Having a database of beautiful and popular babes does come with many benefits, business-wise, of course.

Digital Marketing Singapore

Whatever your digital marketing needs are, fill in the form below and one of our consultants will contact you soon. Consultation is free and remember, the more you tell us about your brand, the better we can customize a campaign for you.

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