Five Shops Where You Can Find The Best Bikinis For Beach Parties

With 2016 coming to an end and year-end parties popping up from every beach imaginable, ladies in Singapore are probably Googling for the best places to get sexy bikinis. But honestly, ladies, we all know it is not that easy. Forget about rummaging through the replicas in Bugis Street or scouring through the endless pages of China’s Taobao – here are 5 top shops in Singapore to satisfy your bikini-thirst and end your swimwear hunt (finally!).

Bellakini @bellakini

Located in the heart of Haji-Lane, Bellakini is a multi-international swimwear line specialising in bikinis imported from Colombia. Goodbye shitty fluorescent lights and bikinis a cup too big for you, because the staff at Bellakini are trained to match you in a bikini that fits perfectly. Best in-store service ever hands down.

Their range features largely abstract prints made from premium fabric, but if the hole in your pocket is already enlarging from the tickets to beach parties, then perhaps not – swimwear cost an average of S$180 a piece at Bellakini.

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This one in plain blue cost S$50 during their sales. Not for the penny-pincher!

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 Forever 21 @forever21

‘Nuff said about this one. We all know Forever 21 like we know “A is for Apple”. Come on, we’ve all been to Forever 21 to hunt for swimwear, and they hardly disappoint. Quality, check. Price, check. Design, check. Only con is probably that 2489 other girls will be buying that same piece you’re looking at.

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Carris Labelle @carrislabelle

A name we’ve all heard of! Carris Labelle is an online fashion label selling everything from dresses to shorts to swimwear. You may find similar designs on Taobao, but we all love Taobao, don’t we? Forget about waiting 2 weeks for your bikini, you can get yours within 3 days at Carris Labelle – definitely your to-go-to! Reasonably priced and modelled by beautiful ladies, it is a challenge to leave their store with an empty cart.

I usually start wandering off into the dress section… then shorts…

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Delta @delta_gram

Love neoprene? Then you need to check this out! Established in 2014, Delta plays with the minimalist concept and currently offers 4 different designs priced at S$77 each. Probably the King of Neoprene in Singapore!

Be it solid colours or quartz abstract prints, neoprene lovers should not miss this one!

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Sorakini @sorakini

Sorakini’s a new kid on the block and definitely one to look out for! Their premium bikinis are either designed in Singapore or handpicked from beach-paradise Bali. Be it unique back details (for you to bring the sexy back!), off-shoulder (flaunt that collar bone, baby!) or criss-cross details (to make your waist look slim x 2), they have it all!

Looking to launch in January 2017, every bikini is made to cater to different body types, whatever your cup size! A special insight with Sorakini’s designer has it that they are introducing a special series you’ve never seen before island-wide.

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