Ten Sizzling Hot Facts About Ayyisha Divya Woo

It’s not hard to see why Ayyisha Divya Woo is a head turner. The 5’2″ bombshell is work of art, with looks that will snatch your soul out from your body. However, her beauty isn’t only skin-deep. Here are top ten reasons why we simply just can’t get enough of Ayyisha aka DJ Tygress.

#1 She’s Very Flexible. Literally.

“I’m able to stretch and get into positions most girls can’t. Makes things fun, if you know what I mean. ;)”


#2 She’s Funny


That comeback though.

#3 She’s Multi-Talented

Ayyisha is a DJ, make-up artist and a professional model. She pops bottles at Altimate too!

#4 She’s Into Body Art

“I did 5 tattoos in a day, it took 12 hours, and I had lunch and dinner with my tattoo artist.”

#5 She Loves Animals

“I was once on Stomp when I was 18 because I was a heavily tattooed person who is kind to sheltered animals.”

#6 She’s Mixed. VERY Mixed.

“I’m Chinese, Indian and Peranakan. And my extended family members are Thai, Australian and Dutch.”

#7 She’s Good At Riding

“I know how to ride a horse professionally. So yes, I’m good at riding. What are you thinking?”

Would you mind closing the bedroom door? #mycalvins

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#8 She’s Caring

“I will do anything for the people I love – family, friends and my boyfriend. I’m a very submissive person.”

Can't keep my hands to myself.

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#9 She’s A Pornstar, Maybe?

“I was labeled as a porn star DJ by my friends and it was an idea to market me and everyone was calling me the next Sasha Grey. I don’t really do porn, just DJ-ing. Maybe for my lover? Hahaha.”


#10 She’s Super Loveable!

“People think I look like a bitch in my photos and the I’m probably extremely arrogant and proud. But really, in person, I’m a cuddly hyperactive tattooed care bear. You’ll get annoyed at how clingy I can get if I like you.”

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